About us

People don't really want to get connected to the people who are not living around them, they want to know, get connected with the people who are living on the same floor they are living, sharing same playground, gym or pool with them.

The Idea of this web application came into my mind when I saw, there is a lot of gap between the people who are living in a society, they didn't have any source or medium through which they can connect to each others. Using the web application people will be able to communicate with the other members of the societies, they can create an event share about it or tell people that they have something that can be of their interest.

Another issue we wanted to simplify is for the individuals who are willing to buy an apartment in a particular society, they can not get honest reviews about the societies but here they will be seeing the comments which has been made by the persons who are living in that society only.

Success of this service is totally dependent upon you, we always want to change the functionality of it as per your convenience. Please feel free to drop mail to vibhihq@gmail.com for any suggestions.